House policies

We can't make this part any more fun, but it is good to know. We have drawn up some house rules to provide you with a safe, clean and enjoyable hotel experience.

Your room will be cleaned once a week, including a change of bed linen. You will receive a new set of towels twice a week. We ask you to leave used towels on the floor.

We respect your privacy. If you do not want to be disturbed by the cleaner, you can put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door handle. Your hotel room will be cleaned the following week. Requests for reimbursement of not incurred costs due to not cleaning because of your 'do not disturb', will not be honored.

It is your responsibility to keep your room tidy and orderly. Our cleaners are (by policy) not allowed to touch your personal belongings. Rooms that are insufficiently tidy for cleaning will be skipped. Again, no refund of cleaning costs is possible.

We offer our guests who have booked an Extended Stay (31-181 nights) the possibility to register at our address. This is under the condition that you also take care of the deregistration of our address upon departure. For verification purposes, we may ask for proof of registration and deregistration. This is also for administrative purposes such as remission of the payment of tourist tax.

Attention! This possibility is only reserved for guests who have booked Extended Stay and explicitly not for Short Stay reservations (7-30 nights).

All rooms and public areas throughout the hotel are non-smoking. A cleaning fee of €250.00 will be charged if this smoking ban is violated.

We ask you to respect the privacy of your fellow guests. Furthermore, we ask you to be quiet between 23.00 and 7.00 hours to take other guests' sleep into account.

The infliction of damage to, and theft of hotel furnishings or room inventory will be charged to the person causing the damage or to the person jointly and severally liable.

Missing items on the inventory list need to be compensated. We therefore advise you to check the inventory at the beginning of your stay. If any items are missing, we kindly ask you to report this to reception in advance.

Pets are not allowed. We make an exception for assistance dogs, please contact us.

Any costs incurred by you due to misuse of the emergency facilities will be claimed from you.

Possession, use or trade in drugs or other narcotics is strictly prohibited. Local authorities will be called in if use or trafficking is suspected.

With your visit, you agree to have video recordings made with our security cameras. In the event of disturbances or accidents, or when we are required by law, recordings may be provided/showed to third parties.

NERO Office Hotel & City Cafe staff are authorized at all times to provide access to the hotel room for cleaning, repairs and checks. Staff may also enter the room in case of an emergency or suspicion that house rules are being violated.

All comments and questions from NERO Office Hotel & City Cafe staff should be followed. Please contact us if you have any complaints about this.

In case of emergencies, please leave the hotel in a controlled way. In case of fire, follow the signs for emergency exit and use the stairs. Avoid the elevator.

The management is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to your property. Nor does management accept any liability for medical expenses due to personal negligence or circumstances beyond our control.